Copy of a medal of Giulia Astalia in two halves. The original medal was made circa 1480-1490 and attributed to the School of/style of Pier Jacopo di Antonio Alari Bonacolsi (Antico). This Electrotype copy made circa 1881 by Robert Ready. The original medal, acquired by the British Museum with the collection of George III (Reg. G3,IP.24) , was exhibited in the King's Library in 1881 and is No. 70 in the catalogue of that exhibition. It is thought that this electrotype was produced in association with that exhibition and publication and acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria where it was displayed in the late 1880s.

Giulia Astallia is otherwise unknown but Pollard (Kress Collection p.19) suggests she may be Giulia Gazzuolo, a character from a story by Matteo Bandello who drowns herself after being violated by the servant of the bishop of Mantua.

Obverse Description

Half-length figure of Giulia facing left, her head is bent a slightly forward, her hair is long braided and knotted, tied up with a fillet, wearing a plain dress with the bodice laced up at the front, the sleeves are seen as to have been pushed up; around, DIVA IVLIA ASTALLIA

Reverse Description

A Phoenix rising from pyre to left with wings spread, looking up at the sun's rays shining through a cloud; around, EXEMPLVM VNICVM FOR ET PVD (Translation: A unique example of beauty and modesty)

Edge Description


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