Photograph of the epoxy resin casting taken from the design for the Australasian Industry Research Group (AIRG) medal. The casting is part of the long and complex process of producing a struck medal from original artwork. It was photographed at the premises of Stan Tokarski, formerly Chief Engraver at the Canberra Mint, who now runs a small private mint. He created the struck version of the AIRG medal.

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Resin disc with the design of two hands untangling a mass of threads. Lettering in reverse: 'AIRG MEDAL'.


Museum Victoria holds the largest public collection of medals by Michael Meszaros and his father Andor. Documenting the complex way in which an idea becomes the reality of a medal adds to our understanding of how all medals - not just the Meszaros works - are the result of art, technology and society.

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