Black and white, panoramic staff portrait taken at the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd factory, Abbotsford, 1934.

This photograph belonged to Ian 'Charlie' Yelland, who worked for Kodak Australasia Emulsion Department for 46 years, retiring in 1978.

Pictured in front row, from left: 5th - Meg Ruain (bookkeeper), 6th - Jean Middleton (stenographer), 10th - Jack Street (storeman), 11th - Stuart Middleton, 12th - Percy Minter (Testing Dept), 13th - Dr Neil "Blue" Lewis (Research Laboratory), 15th - Fren Manning (marketing), 16th - Edward Perkins (film), 17th - Cyril Edwards (black & white film processing), 18th - ? Wilkinson (Testing Dept), 19th - Jonathon Monteith, 20th - Mr Stewart (Emulsion Dept), 21st - ? Wilkinson (Testing), 22nd - Joe Page (Asst. Director / Secretary), 23rd - John Sutherland (Chief of Finance), 24th - J.J Rouse (Chairman).

Pictured in front row, from right: - 1st - Nell Cameron (Secretary to Managing Director), 5th - Moira Sheedy (stenographer), 6th - Charlie Whincup (paper department), 7th - Jack Ellis (Clerk), 8th - Roger Kuring (clerk), 9th - Malcolm Bradley (engineer), 11th - Archie Scull (insurance), 12th - Alf Martin (Head Accountant), 13th - Mr Tydeman (accountant) , 14th - ? Haugh, 17th - Sam White (Printing), 18th - ? Dudley (Head Electrician), 19th - Jerry Collins, 21st - Mr Porter, 22nd - Secombe (Kodak Limited), 23rd - Henry Foote, 24th - Edgar Rouse (Managing Director)

Pictured, third row, far left: Ted Bedgood
Pictured, fifth row, from left: 6th - Sid Reeve (plumber), 19th - Jim Myers (Head Plumber)
Pictured, back row, far right: Geoff Baker

This image complements the Kodak Heritage Collection of products, promotional materials, photographs and working life artefacts collected from Kodak Australasia in 2005, when the Melbourne manufacturing plant at Coburg closed down.

Description of Content

Large staff portrait taken on wide lawn with trees and buildings in background.

Physical Description

Panoramic black and white silver gelatin photographic print.

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