Black and white photograph of five chemists in the analytical lab, also known as the 'corner lab', one of several labs operating under the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd Research Department at Abbotsford, circa 1950.

The five women pictured, left to right, are: Joy Shattock, Shirley Wetherall, Miriam Minty (at back), Sharley Meredith (Manager, at front) and June Craig. Staff in this laboratory were responsible for testing chemicals only, not products, but they tested solutions for different departments across the organisation as part of a quality control regimen.

According to the recollections of former staff Joy Sutherland (nee Shattock) and Helen Beesley, the lab contained chemical solutions, workbenches and a fume cupboard. There was a large leadlined sink where they rinsed everything (equipment, beakers etc) in distilled water and placed them on a drying rack. Helen remembers the room faced west and was hot in the afternoon.

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Five women in white lab coats/ overcoats, smiling and laughing in a scientific laboratory.

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Black and white photograph, landscape format, with white border.

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