Alternative Name: Badge

Button produced as an extension of the hashtag social media campaign #I'llRideWithYou and handed out to commuters entering Flinders Street Station, Melbourne in December 2014. The campaign began shortly after the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney when primarily women wearing hijab and other forms of Muslim attire reported verbal and physical attacks on public transport. The campaign gained enormous coverage both nationally and internationally, as well as triggering debate about appropriate bystander action.

This button was received and worn by Melbourne resident and public transport commuter Soo Nazih Laouami.

Physical Description

Plastic-coated, yellow aluminium button, round with pin on reverse. Printed with black text.


This button documents an Australian and international protest movement which trended on social media in support of Muslims in the face of international terrorism events. In particular in Australia, the buttons and affirmative action of communters to 'ride with' particularly Muslim women wearing a hijab, occurred after racist-based attacks after the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney in December 2014 which resulted in the death of three people including the perpetrator. It is an example of community ground level activism but also engendered debate at the time, with people arguing both for and against the movement.

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