Certificate stating that George Kyriakides has undergone the medical examination required for persons seeking permanent admission to Australia. The certificate illustrates that George is in good health and of sound constitution.

George Kyriakides was born in 1921 in Larnaca, on the southern coast of Cyprus. In his early working years he was apprenticed to his father Petrou Kyriacou as a silversmith and in 1948 George migrated to Melbourne, Australia. In 1949 he married Australian-born Silvia Sarandis, the child of Greek migrants and they had two children. Using his skills as a silversmith, he worked for a local silverware company and then proceeded to start his own silversmithing business under the name Saracen Plate Company, situated at 152 Lygon St, Carlton. A manufacturing wholesale business, they sold mainly to large clients such as Myers and Prouds Jewellery. In 1974 George sold the wholesale silversmithing part of the business due to the difficulty in obtaining pure metals, and continued to work as a Jeweller under the name GK Jewellery until his retirement and beyond. In later years George was known for his philanthropic generosity and in 2006 he died and is survived by his two children.

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Two sided foolscap sized pre-printed certificate with responses added in blue ink pen. Only one side has been filled out as required.


Statement of Historical Significance:
This collection offers a multi-faceted snapshot of a migrant small business in Lygon Street Carlton through tools of trade, product catalogue and a sample of the silverware produced for retail. It thus encapsulates a small business activity from production through to sale and distribution. It includes a beautiful filigree tray as well as more mainstream domestic silverware items. The collection enables the documentation of the passing on of trade traditions and skills from one generation to the next and the bringing of those skills to Australia, as well as capturing a particular craft, filigree work, which is a disappearing artform

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    Mr George Kyriakides, Cyprus

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    Form No. 47A\ MEDICAL EXAMINATION\ (For Persons Seeking Permaent Admission to Australia.\ INSTRUCTIONS TO MEDICAL EXAMINER.\ In cases where the Medical Examiner is unable to describe the examinee as being in good health, he\ should state under "REMARKS" the exact nature of the defect he finds and whether it is of a\ permanent or temporary nature.\ CERTIFICATE.\ Replies by Applicant to Questions.\ NAME: GEORGE KYRIAKIDES \ ADDRESS: Larnaca Lapithou\ 1. Have you or any othe member of your family included in this application ever had any\ serious illness or surgical operation? NO \ 2. Have you or has any member of your family ever been in a sanatorium or other\ institution or attended thereat for the treatment of tuberculosis? NO\ 3. Have you or any member of your family ever suffered from MENTAL DISEASE or\ EPILEPSY or been treated in an institution for any kind of these diseases? NO\ I hereby certify that the information supplied by me to the Medical Examiner is correct in every particular.\ Signature of applicant which must be made \ in the presence of the Medical Examiner. \ GEORGE KYRIAKIDES\ RESULTS OF MEDICAL EXAMINATION. \ NOTE This form is adapted to include medical certificate for husband, wife, and children\ (see other side) if travelling together, or for single men or women. \ Against the headings A to E inclusive, state whether normal or give particulars of \ any departure from normal:-\ A. Heart - Normal \ B. Lungs - no\ C. Nervous and mental condition and intelligence - no \ D. Hearing - no \ E. Sight - (a) Without glasses - R. Normal L. Normal\ (b) With glasses (if worn) \ F. Urine - Is there presence of albumen or sugar? No\ Age - 26 \ Height - 5ft 10 ½ "\ Weight - 80kg\ REMARKS (include particulars of any departure from normal conditions not fully set out \ in answer to above questions)........\ I CERTIFY that I have this day examined the above-named and that the results are as \ set forth above. I further certify that in my opinion, subject to any special observations\ under '"Remarks", each of the above-named is in good health and of sound constitution, \ and not suffering from any mental or bodily defect which is likely to render him\her a charge \ upon the public or to prevent him/her from earning his/her own living. \ Date: 14 11 47\ [signature] \ (Signature and Qualifications) \ Address Nicosia General Hospital.

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