Kodak Brownie Flash B camera made by Kodak Limited in England, 1958-1960.

This camera has a f11 lens and screw contact for a flash unit, as well as an exposure guide on the side.

This particular example is inside its original packaging with instruction booklet.

This object is part of the Kodak Heritage Collection of products, promotional materials, photographs and working life artefacts collected from Kodak Australasia in 2005, when the Melbourne manufacturing plant at Coburg closed down.

Physical Description

Metal bodied box camera with brown leather covering and leather handle on top. Has original cardboard packaging with instruction booklet.

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Kodak Heritage Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Images & Image Making

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd, Ms. Kate Metcalf - Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd, 2005

  • Acknowledgement

    Courtesy of Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd.

  • Manufacturer

    Kodak Limited London, England, 1958-1960

  • Inscriptions

    Front of camera: 'Kodak / 'KODET' LENS / 'Brownie' Flash B / CAMERA / MADE IN ENGLAND BY KODAK LIMITED LONDON' On top of box: 'Kodak' On front of box: '8 PICTURES IN 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 in. ON No. 620 FILM / Brownie ; Flash B / CAMERA / WITH FLASH CONTACTS / A KODAK PRODUCT' On one side of the box: 'Brownie / Flash B / CAMERA / SYNCHRONIZED FOR / FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY' On back of the box: 'Kodak / Made in England by / KODAK LIMITED LONDON / 'Kodak' and 'Brownie' are registered trade marks / KODAK LIMITED LONDON' On one side of the box: 'Brownie / Flash B / CAMERA / BUILT IN CLOSE-UP LENS / AND COLOUR FILTER'

  • Model Name or Number

    Brownie Flash B

  • Brand Names

    Kodak (Camera)

  • Classification

    Photography, Image making equipment, Cameras

  • Category

    History & Technology

  • Discipline


  • Type of item


  • Overall Dimensions

    121 mm (Width), 89 mm (Depth), 114 mm (Height)
    Dimensions of box

  • References

    'Brownie Flash B', The Brownie Camera Page, at: [Link 1] accessed: 13/11/2017

  • Keywords

    Photographic Products, Cameras, Photography, Photographic Flash Attachments