The Kodak Brownie Flash II camera was a small box camera with flash capability, having contacts on the side for a flash attachment to connect into for indoor and night photography. It had a leatherette cover and a metal front face, with view finders on the top and the side. It was first made in the USA between 1957 and 1960, however the Australian made model, which also started production in 1957, continued until around 1963.

The Kodak Brownie Flash II was the first camera to be produced locally in Australia, and production took place at Kodak Australasia's Abbotsford factory. This model camera was originally designed and built by Kodak Limited, England, and parts for local products were imported from England for Australian assembly.

Museums Victoria has two Kodak Brownie Flash II cameras in its Kodak Heritage Collection, one made in Australia and one made in England.

The collection also includes a similar model camera, the Kodak Brownie Flash B, which was also made by Kodak Limited and imported from England. The Museum collection also holds Brownie Flash II marketing material including television commercials and point of sale cards, as well as instructional leaflets and photographs of camera assembly at the factory, shop window displays and an advertising campaign.


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