Kodak 'Brownie Flash II' camera, made in England by Kodak Limited, London, 1957-1960.

One of the Brownie Flash series cameras. It uses size 620 roll film, and takes 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" photographs. The camera has the two conventional Brownie viewfinders, one on the top plate for vertical pictures and the other on the side, for horizontal pictures. It has a close up slide mechanism on the side of the camera below the viewfinder for close up pictures from 5 to 10 feet. Alongside the close-up slide is a control lever option, 'I' for instantaneous shots and 'B' for brief-time exposures. The film winding key and shutter button are also on the side of the camera. On the opposite side of the camera is the flash holder connection.

In 1957 Kodak Australasia started assembling this same model camera at its Abbotsford factory from imported English parts, to compete with the fully finished imported product.

Kodak 'Brownie Flash II' was introduced in 1957 and discontinued in 1960.

Physical Description

Box camera with a metal body covered in leatherette and brushed metal lens face. It has a leather carry handle on the top plate. Includes its original flash unit. A small latch at the edge of the top plate opens the back of the camera for loading the cartridge film.

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