Colour digital photograph of Kinda Alsamara sitting in a park in Adelaide, South Australia, 2015.

Kinda Alsamara was born in Damascus in Syria and migrated to Australia alone in 2013. She is currently a doctoral researcher in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne. She studied her Masters of Philosophy at Adelaide University and also a Masters in Journalism at the University of Lebanon.

Description of Content

Woman sitting on a low fence in a park.

Physical Description

Colour digital photograph.


Statement of Historical Significance:
Muslims in Australia are an under represented cohort in both the museum's collections and Australian history more broadly. As an-ever growing faith in Australia, it is important to trace the migration and settlement of Muslim Australians across time in order to help provide a historical, social and cultural context for Muslim Australians today. This collection is the key outcome for the collaboration between the Museum and Dr Dzavid Haveric, MV research associate, who has published a seminal history of Muslims in Australia. This collection is the result of his research and community interviews.

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