German language newsletter 'Fair Sea Gazette' issued to passenger's travelling on the Sitmar Line ship MV Fairsea on 7 August 1949. It was collected by Lou (Lajos) Bartha when he immigrated to Australia from Hungary on the MV Fairsea in 1949. This is a special edition of the ship's newsletter, because the captain received a telegraph message from Geneva, which said that the 50.000th migrant to Australia is on the ship. Due to this spetial occasion, the ship was orderd to the Harbour of Fremantle and the Australian migrations minister, Mr Calwell, shall attend at the ceremonies. Regarding the importance of the message, the content was translated to every language spoken on the ship.

Physical Description

Double-sided one page newspaper with various German language text in black ink. At the top of the newspaper is a printed sketch of a map of Australia with a passenger liner pictured in the centre.

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