This badge, captioned 'Unite and Resist, Women Against Rape', alternatively known as a button, focuses on the issue of rape. This issue was a particular area of concern for the Women's movement in the 1970s. It calls upon women to resist sexual harassment and sexual assault. The fist inside the women's symbol underlines this idea. 'Take Back the Night' (also known as 'Reclaim the Night') marches, which began in 1977, focussed on the notion that women could be strong and fight back against rape. The 'Take Back the Night' movement sought to reclaim the streets as safe spaces for women at night, and marched through them to make this point.

Physical Description

Round plastic coated badge with metal backing with pin attached. It has black text and a red image on white background. It shows a red women's symbol in the centre of the badge, with a clenched fist in the middle of the symbol.

More Information