Badge 'White Australia has a Black History, Don't Celebrate 1988' was produced as part of the campaign organised by Indigenous Australians in protest at the celebration of the bicentenary. Australia Day, January 26, was proclaimed a Day of Mourning in 1938 by Aborigines as a reaction to the Sesquicentenary celebrations. In 1988, the year of Australia's bicentenary, Indigenous peoples from across the nation converged on Sydney to protest the so-called "celebration of a nation". The long march for justice, freedom and hope protested the invasion of Australia and its re-enactment and celebration 200 years later.

Physical Description

This is a round plastic coated badge. It has a black, yellow and red background with black and white text. Two arms with shackles on the wrists are depicted, with the chain joining the shackles breaking in the middle. The pin attached to the back of the badge.

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