Suitcase made by Adler Koffler, circa 1956 in Salzburg, Austria. This suitcase was brought by Julius Toth when he prepared to immigrated to Australia in 1957. Julius fled Hungary in November 1956 following the Soviet occupation of the country. He spent three months in Displaced Persons camps in Austria before being accepted for migration to Australia.

When he left Hungary he was only able to take a few possessions with him including his moulding tools, and cigarette holder and photo album, which were 18th birthday presents from a sister and friend. He purchased this suitcase, some new clothing and shoes, and some fruit (which he sent home to his mother) in Austria using vouchers provided by the Catholic Church.

Physical Description

Brown cardboard suitcase with metal corners, catches and handle. Sticker on exterior of lid. Interior of lid contains information regarding Julius Toth's trip to Australia in March 1957.

More Information