Document in Hungarian issued in Budapest, Hungary, 1929. This document is a certificate of the Hungarian citizenship, issued by the Royal Hungarian home secretary for the widow and the son of the deceased Szlavik Lajos (born 1881). His widow, Julianna Gyenisz (born 1883) and his son, Lajos (born 1906) are hereby also Hungarian citizens. Lajos Szlavik was born in Hungary on 28 February 1906. He married Margit Burdik (born 11 December 1912) and the couple had a daughter Eva Margit, born 20 August 1939. They immigrated to Australia on the ship General Taylor arriving on 25 June 1957.

Physical Description

Rectangular single-sided document consisting of black text printed on buff paper. The background is decorated with a large coat-of-arms and a foliage design. Two rectangular paper stamp have been stuck on the front of the document, and it has been stamped with two purple ink stamps. Document has been folded into four sections.

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