Large maroon rectangular paper wine bottle label, used at H.W.H Irvine's winery at Great Western, 1888-1918. The label depicts the Irvine crest.

The label is printed in silver and reads: "Irvine's Sparkling Burgundy Hans W.H. Irvine, Proproetor, Great Western Vineyard, Victoria, Australia".

Hans Irvine's Sparkling wines were the first successful wines of their type to be grown in Victoria.

"The Irvine Wine Collection was acquired by Museum Victoria in 1989. It represents the history of the Great Western Vineyard and the achievements of Hans William Henry Irvine, vigneron and politician, from 1888 until 1922. It comprises 130 items ranging from publications, marketing items, packaging materials, wine labels, award medals, ceramics, illuminated address, commemorative trowel, trophy plaques, wine makers tools, and silverware."

Physical Description

Large maroon rectangular paper label in silver ink. Depicts the Irvine crest.

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