Calico apron embroidered by an unknown person using a commercial pattern during the 1930s. It was donated to the Museum in 1985 to display as part of the SIO `Great Exhibition of Victoria'.

Physical Description

White cotton apron, half length, to be tied around the waist, with brown tape trim on the border and across the waistband. The apron is fastened by cotton tapes. There is one small pocket, also bordered in brown tape. There is an embroidered motif, of the head of a horse in brown and grey long-stitch, within a horseshoe covered in embroidered flowers in pink, blue and yellow cottons. The words Phar Lap are embroidered at the base of the picture. Two tucks have been put into the waist band.


This apron was collected as an example of the ways Australians commemorated the life of the race horse Phar Lap during the 1930s.

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