Small wallet sized photograph album in red vinyl, it was given to Julius as an 18th Birthday present, circa 1955. In 1957 Julius came to Australia after he escaped the Russian invasion of Hungary, leaving his family in Hungary, he survived a dangerous journey alone to escape across the border to Austria. He was only able to bring a few possessions with him including his moulding tools, and cigarette holder and photo album, which were 18th birthday presents from a sister and friend.

Description of Content

First Photograph: A head and shoulders portrait of a young man in Army uniform, probably Julius Toth. Second Photograph: A man sitting on a large steam powered tractor. Third Photograph: A group of three men and two girls, all in uniform. The girls are sitting on a bench and the men stand behind them. There is a large building in the background.

Physical Description

Small wallet sized photograph album in red vinyl, with a clear plastic insert in the front. In the insert is a drawing of a boy, a girl and a dog running across a field. Inside the album there are plastic sleeves, although only the first and last one have photographs in them.


The cigarette case, small photo album and tools represent almost the sum total of what Julius could take with him as he fled Hungary. They represent the meagerness and the terrible urgency involved in immigrating under such circumstances, as well as the preciousness of such items, which has led Julius to keep them all this time as mementoes. Amongst the documents are items relating to the process, journey and early settlement. eg: the train ticket that took him across the border to Austria and safety, a food parcel receipt, a first Melbourne salary pay cheque, a tram ticket and items relating to Hungarian community life.

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