Espresso coffee peculator, manufactured in Columbia, bought in the 1950s from the Mocopan shop in High Street, Preston. It was used by the Candela family (Vincenzo, Emanuela and Angelo) who arrived in Melbourne on 26 November 1920 on board the shop Orontes. They were sponsored by Vincenzo's brother Giovanni. Both Vincenzo and his son Angelo were musicians, although Vincenzo established himself as a tailor in Australia, because he felt his age and lack of connections would not allow him to be successful.

Physical Description

Small coffee maker consisting of two curved metal sections which screw into each other to form a pot. The top section has a circular hinged lid on top and a `C' shaped black plastic handle on one side and a curved metal lip on the other side. Inside is a tapered metal piece with a small grooved cut on one side near the top. The bottom section has a metal dish which has a series of holes along the bottom and on the circular lid which is held in place with a cylindrical rod. Both section are fluted along the sides and are coated with a shiny metallic finish.

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