The Candela Collection tells the story of Vincenzo, Emanuela and Angelo Candela who arrived in Melbourne on 26 November 1920 on board the shop Orontes. There are 107 different objects, which tell the story of the family's life in Viggiano, Italy, and their migration and settlement in Australia.

There are a number of items from Vincenzo's career as a photographer in Viggiano, including a bellows glass plate camera, some comical photographic vignettes, trade catalogues and his seal. The family's collection of domestic items, including sausage and pasta makers, a demi-john and a coffee roaster, offer insight into the traditions they brought from Italy and retained after their migration to Australia in 1920. The collection also holds items which record the careers of Vincenzo and Angelo after they had settled in Australia. Vincenzo's successful home tailoring business is documented by a Singer sewing machine, notebooks of clients' measurements and patterns and a set of thimbles. While violin gauges, chin rests and tuning whistles tell the story of Angelo's long and varied musical career.

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