This is a membership or pledge card for the Band of Hope Union, a temperance society. It was printed in London in the 1890s. The members card was used in Geelong from 1908.

The Band of Hope Union was a Temperance Organisation for children founded in 1847. It became a generic name for Children's Temperance organisations.

Physical Description

This colour printed certificate (lithograph), is featured in a dark olive green frame. Four illustrations are featured at each corner of the certificate showing children performing four deeds indicative of temperance, i.e. Study (a boy and girl seated at a table with books), Play (a boy and girl at the seaside), Work (a girl seated on a couch sewing), and Prayer (two girls kneeling beside a bed praying). A red banner with gold text is at the top of the certificate. The printed text in the centre of the certificate is in black, red, blue and gold A gold plaque on the left hand side in the middle has dark gold text, as does a similar plaque on the right hand side. A cream plaque down the bottom has black text.

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