Alternative Name(s): Mannequin, Dressmaker's Form

Adjustable height tailor's dummy made by C. Crowley & Sons, Melbourne (registered business name Trenerry's). It was used for coat, jacket and vest making at Simpson's Glove Factory, Richmond, from around 1926. It was probably used for male garments as there are no breast raises. It was found near the old lift well upstairs in 1989 after the factory closed.

Simpson's Gloves was formed in 1924 and produced leather gloves and coats, handbags, helmets and associated leather goods. The company first operated in Smith Street, and subsequently Alexandra Parade, Collingwood, relocating to Victoria Street, Richmond in 1928, where it remained until 1988.

Physical Description

Adjustable height tailor's dummy on a wooden pole with tripod legs. Body is made from stiffened cardboard with beige cotton stretched over a wooden screw-in frame. Oval maker's label at lower front centre of body.

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