Alternative Name(s): Gas Mask

Gas mask consisting of rubber face piece with celluloid eyepieces and rubber hose connecting to a chemical-absorbant cannister. Issued to Howard Dawson, an Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Warden for the City of Camberwell in 1941.

At the height of the emergency resulting from Japan's advance south in 1942, over 60,000 people in Victoria carried out Air Raid Precautions Warden duties. ARP personnel were trained by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. One of their main duties was to patrol the blacked-out streets, requiring home-owners to black out any lights showing onto the street.

Physical Description

Gas mask consisting of black rubber face mask, connected by a fabric covered rubber hose to a chemical absorbent canister made of tin plate. The face mask is made of black rubber. Elastic bands attach face piece. The circular eyepieces are made of clear celluloid set in metal rims. The mouthpiece is of brown metal. Flexible rubber hose connects the mask to the canister. The hose is secured to the mask and canister by twisted wires covered with fabric tape. The rectangular tin canister has a red/brown finish and soldered seams, and horizontal bands with rectangular depressions below.

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