Straight razor used for shaving patients at the Lakeside Mental Hospital, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, circa 1910. Made by R.I. Cadman & Sons Sheffield, England. Donated by Mrs D Richard of the Lakeside Mental Hospital, Ballarat.

Physical Description

Razor which has a knife-like blade which swivels into curved, dark-grey linoleum cover for protection. Blade is of tarnished steel, and has curved chip at one end. There is a thin handle which is decorated in same way on either side, with manufacturer's name and address engraved on one side, whilst the word `BENGAL' appears on the other. The thin curved handle pivots from one point of cover, then tapers right off to a very thin, curved end. The cover itself is made of very smooth, flexible polished material, and is a curved shape which is broader at one end, tapering towards the pivoting end, where nail holds the cover and the blade together.


Example of grooming utensils used at Victorian mental health hospitals

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