Ludo game, made by National Industries, circa 1928 to 1955. It was used in Albert Park, Melbourne, until 1989.

Physical Description

Board game, comprising: Ludo board - multi-coloured with four lots of four different coloured circles, enclosed by a square in each corner, and a square in the centre, divided into four different coloured sections. Dice and counters - 16 small wooden counters (4 green, 4 purple, 4 pink and 4 yellow). Also two extra counters slightly larger and different - 1 green 1 purple. Also 3 dice, probably not original: 1 plastic, 1 home-made wood and 1 small wooden die with white painted markings. Dice cup - narrow cardboard cylinder, mended at the base with sticky tape. Box lid - lid of small box for holding dice, counters and dice cup. Box bottom. The game box is in poor condition and is held together with adhesive tape.

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