Games board depicting map of Australia with red line drawn linking cities and towns around the coast. Manufactured by the National Game company, made in Hawthorn by Christopher King.

The game was owned by the donor's family and played by the donor as a boy in the 1920s. It was played with a dice and counters, similar to ludo (ie. roll a dice and move your counter that number of places).

Physical Description

Thick multicoloured board folded in half. Opened out, the game board depicts a map of Australia in black and white on a blue background. The map is surrounded by a square green,red and gold border. The game title is set across the top left hand side of the board in black text against a yellow background, surrounded by decorative flourishes in gold. To the right of the titile is an illustration of an early aeroplane carrying a single pilot. The game route is indicated by red circles and squares linked by a red line around the map, with states, territories, cities, towns and geographical features printed in black text. Reverse side of board is covered in dark red paper and has a small square game name plate on one side which reads 'AROUND THE COMMONWEALTH BY / AEROPLANE' . Below this is a drawing of an early aeroplane flying over blue water, with various architectural spires and domes in the foreground.


The National Game company were an important Melbourne company whose games were popular with Victorians for many decades. They were the first major publisher of board games in Australia. The firm was established in Ballarat by W. Owen in 1877, growing to prominence towards the end of the century. The National Game Co. continued to issue board games as late as the 1940s. This board game is representative of the ideals of the period and the ways in which perceptions of the world translated into leisure and games. It also represents an example of the goods produced by a significant local company.

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