Victorian Protestant Federation badge, 'For God, King, Empire', made circa 1917.

The Victorian Protestant Federation (VPF) was active during and after World War I. Its aims were the protection of the principles of the liberty of conscience, freedom of worship and a Protestant revival; its targets were the Catholic Church and Archbiship Mannix, who opposed the war and conscription. The Victorian Protestant Federation was founded by Walter Albiston, who strongly supported conscription and the Empire. It later became the Australian Protestant Federation (APF).

Badge used by a member of the Victorian Protestant Federation which was formed by a group of Protestant clergy in Ballarat in response to the large Catholic Federation. The PFA was formed in early 1917, and continued to be active after the First World War.

Part of a collection of objects from a deceased estate, acquired by Museum Victoria in 2001.

Physical Description

Quatrefoil shaped brass badge with suspension loop at top. Bronze letters 'VPF' in a red enamel shield at the centre with a white enamelled background encircled by a blue enamelled band, with bronze letters reading 'FOR GOD / KING / EMPIRE'.

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