Alternative Name(s): Safety Helmet, Hard Hat

Black composite (fibreboard) safety helmet. Domed crown. Metal bracket on front, possibly for light. Part of a collection of objects from a deceased estate, acquired by Museum Victoria in 2001.

May have been used for fire fighting, mining, ammunition factories (where a metal helmet could be problematic) or other industrial use.

The patent for the Cromwell Protector helmet, #429732, dated 1935, describes it as 'A helmet or other protective head[wear]...comprising a soft leather covering for resisting blows...[with an] absorbent inner layer for contact...upper part of the crown is made from...a waterproof piece of fibre, board moulded to shape and outer layer and a cane or similar reinforced side or body...sweatband being spaced from a separately moulded piece of fibre apart from the inside surface of the board, the two parts being riveted or helmet by soft waterproof buffer pads.'

The helmet described in the patent listing had a front visor or peak, whereas the Museum Victoria model has a brim all around.

The patent was granted to Helmets & Helmets Ltd, Cromwell Works, Wheathampstead.

Physical Description

Black composite helmet. Crown has scalloped piece on top with four scallops. Studs from crown onto brim. Cord threaded around based of crown keeps inside webbing in place, which secures helmet to wearer's head. Metal fitting to front and back. Silver metal bracket on front, possibly for light or identification.

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