Dog muzzle. Used at Newmarket Saleyards. Typical of muzzles worn by cattle dogs, possibly made by Eric Lawrence for the drovers' dogs. Lawrence was a horse breaker, born in Jerilderie, N.S.W. His home and breaking yard were near Newmarket Saleyards.

A large number of dogs were always present at the Newmarket Saleyards, either tied up or roaming in and around the offices and yards. The dogs were used by drovers to herd and control stock and, generally speaking, a good dog could do the work of three or four men. Drovers generally had more than one dog, and often had up to 25 dogs working for them to move large numbers of stock or replace dogs that were being rested. Drovers supplied their own dogs, but if they worked for a company they received a 'dog allowance'. The company provided kennels, muzzles, and the dog's meat while they were on the job, while the drovers had to supply their dogs with collars and chains. Dogs were tied up in the 'milch cow' yards, or around the office area. If drovers were staying overnight at the saleyards, dogs were sometimes kennelled in a special area located in the adjacent abattoirs. Stories tell of how the sale bell would ring and the dogs would all bark in unison. Two men held an Melbourne City Council licence to sell muzzles at Newmarket Saleyards.

Physical Description

Dog muzzle made from thatched, interlocking wire, leather straps and metal buckles.

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