Set of press knives for cutting out gloves used at Simpson's Gloves Pty Ltd, Richmond.

Simpson's Gloves Pty Ltd was formed in 1924 and produced leather gloves and coats, handbags, helmets and associated leather goods. The company first operated in Smith Street, and subsequently Alexandra Parade, Collingwood, relocating to Victoria Street, Richmond in 1928, where it remained until 1988.

Arthur Atkins, son of the original partner, recalled that the glove patterns were first cut in paper, then cardboard, then sheet metal. Simpson's had a knife manufacturer make up individual press knives from these patterns. The knives were placed face up on the work bench, the leather spread over them, a sheet of gutta percha placed over the leather, then a press forced the leather onto the knives. Spring-loaded plates in the knives ejected the cut leather when the pressure was released. The leather was cut so that it would stretch sideways rather than lengthways.

The machine used with these knives was sold in 1939.

Physical Description

Parts: .1, .2, .3 Plates for whole gloves .4, .5, .6, .7 Separate thumb pieces, spring loaded plates .8 Separate section for thumb aperture for whole glove plate .9 Plate cutting six strips for finger gussets .10, .11 Two prickers .12, .13, .14 Three plates for curved trims .15 Plate for straight trim .16, .17, .18, .19, .20 Plates to cut one shaped gusset, in different sizes.

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