Alternative Name(s): Cookery Book

Booklet featuring recipes using copha vegetable shortening, dating to around the 1950s. Made by N.S.W. Printing Co. Pty Ltd.

Used by Mrs Yootha Bessie Downing Goldsworthy, who was born in 1903, married in 1928 and died in 1990. Her daughter-in-law, Shirley Goldsworthy, wrote an essay which draws on oral history interviews with Mrs Goldsworthy and her sister, and relates especially to her life in the 1920s. a copy is held by Museum Victoria.

Physical Description

Booklet containing recipes using copha vegetable shortening. Book features recipes for cakes, party food, biscuits, puddings and savouries, with black and white illustrations. In the back of the book is advice on cooking vegetables using copha and frying with copha.

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