Badge made by Bridgland & King, for The Federated Rubber Workers Australia. Collected as part of a group of badges over a fifteen year period during which Andrew Reeves undertook extensive research in the field of Trade Union Material Culture, and had extensive contact with the Trade Union movement Australia wide.

Federated and registered in 1911 as the Rubber Workers Union of Australia, this union immediately recognised the growing importance of motor transport within the Australian economy, particularly in terms of how it would affect the rubber industry. By 1916 the union had changed names to the Federated Rubber Workers of Australia. In 1923 its name changed again, this time to the Federated Rubber Workers Union of Australia. Ten years later, in 1933, it became the Federated Rubber & Allied Workers Union of Australia. In sought to deal with the problem of high labour turnover and with improving the position of migrant labour in Australian industry.

Physical Description

This is a circular badge. Projecting from the left and right and sides are leaf-like objects, four on each side. There is a blue border in which is written the name of the federation. In the centre is a white map of Australia with the federations initials in it. Below the badge is a rectangular section. Projecting from the top is a little bit of scrolling. There is a ring at the top.

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