Alternative Name(s): Button

The First World War was greeted with relative enthusiasm, and the circulation of fundraising badges was part of that effort. This is an example of a generic badge encouraging fundraising for the cause. This badge probably dates from around the time of the first conscription plebiscite in 1916, which also prompted organisations to show their support in the close debate. In a time of growing nationalism, badges like this one were used to heighten citizens' pride in Australia's role in the war. The inclusion of the Southern Cross on the badge serves to highlight the patriotic agenda as well. This object was part of collection of buttons assembled by Mr Watson while active in left-wing politics at University of Melbourne 1979 - 86.

Physical Description

Circular button - navy blue background, map of Australia in middle (minus Tasmania) surrounded by stars of Southern Cross. Map and stars are white. Stars also have gold edging. Writing on map in red. Nail pin attached at one side of back.

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