Alternative Name(s): Button

Circular badge with the slogan 'Students for A Democratic Society', made in 1968. It was produced by the group Students for a Democratic Society at Monash University. It was acquired by Michael Hamel-Green during his period of draft resistance and other anti-conscription activities between 1965 and 1972. Michael was one of the initiators and core members of the Students for a Democratic Society, founded at The University of Melbourne in 1968. Student activism at Monash University during the late sixties and early seventies saw militant occupations of university buildings, student general meetings with numbers in their thousands, and protests around a range of issues both on and off-campus.

This badge was used in travelling exhibition 'Moratorium Means to Stop', produced by Museums Victoria in 1991.

Physical Description

Tin-plate button, coated with white paper and plastic cover. Black print on front, and lapel pin attached to back.

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