Alternative Name(s): Fridge

Electric, Healing, green refrigerator. A standard, slightly sloping shouldered, metal refrigerator, painted green post production. It was made by A.G. Healing Ltd in Victoria, Australia, c.1945. It was used in Victoria, Australia, by the donor's father-in-law from 1930 (?)-1988.

The refrigerator was given to the donor's father-in-law upon his retirement. Originally cream, it was later spray painted green by the donor's brother-in-law the night before he went to Rome to become a priest. The new colour matched the donor's mother-in-law's new kitchen .

The date recorded by the donor is at odds with that of contemporary advertising. The first example of this model cited in advertising dates from 1945.

Physical Description

A standard, electric, slightly sloping shouldered, metal refrigerator. Painted green post production. FRONT: concave, the curve accentuated with a vertical silver metal strip, pointed at either end, running the full length of the door, culminating in a point at the top of the front panel. The whole unit sits upon a black foot. DOOR: 2 hinges at right. Decorative logo upper right. HANDLE - pull down, lever, middle left. BACK: small cut out to expose compression unit. Black electrical cord with 3 pronged plug under unit. INTERIOR: white enamel. Under freezer compartment, white enamel drip tray. Screw pegs with rubber covers for the removable wire shelves. upper left, exposed light bulb. Light release button lower left.Sliding dial temperature control, lower centre. FREEZER COMPARTMENT- full width, divided into 2 compartments. Green with cream enamel doors, green and cream enamel handles. Left side 1/3 width, inside 3 compartments, 2 fixed shelves. Right side 2/3 width, inside single compartment. DOOR - white enamel, black rubber seal.

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Laminex Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Home & Community

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mrs L. King, 08 Aug 1994

  • Manufacturer

    A.G. Healing Ltd, Victoria, Australia, circa 1945
    Australian Women's Weekly, 28 July 1945. This date is at odds with the donor's recollection, which states it was given as a retirement gift in the late 1930s.

  • Date Used

    Victoria, Australia, 1930-1988

  • Inscriptions

    DOOR - decorative logo "Healing" in script. BACK: upper left metal disk applied "A.G.HEALING LTD./ MELBOURNE - SYDNEY - ADELAIDE/ STORAGE CAP. 68 cu ft MODEL E68/ DATE OF PROD. SERIAL No. 5317". INTERIOR: temperature control from left to right "FAST FREEZE (back ward arrow) COLDER (arrow tail) NORMAL (arrow tail) WARMER (point of arrow) OFF". FREEZER COMPARTMENT - left door moulded at top "FROZEN DESSERT" at bottom "ICE CUBES". Right door moulded in the middle left "Healing", upper centre "FROZEN FOOD", lower right "STORAGE".

  • Brand Names

    Healing (Refrigerators)

  • Classification

    Domestic life, Food & drink preservation, Appliances - electric

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    55.5 cm (Length), 71.2 cm (Width), 149.5 cm (Height)
    Measurements are taken between the widest points.

  • Other Dimensions

    10 cm (Length), 71.4 cm (Width), 108 cm (Height)

  • Keywords

    Domestic Appliances, Domestic Work, Housework