Second class diploma designed by Eirene Mort (1879-1977) for the First Australian Exhibition of Women's Work Exhibition that was held at the (Royal) Exhibition Building in 1907. This diploma was awarded to Miss Alice Billingham for her display of 'Art Needlework'; the drawn-thread tablecloth for which Alice Billingham was awarded the prize is also in the museum's collection.

Organised by local committees throughout Australia, the First Australian Exhibition of Women's Work acted as a catalyst for crafts women. Women exhibited needlework, cookery, music, horticultural activities, arts and crafts. The Exhibition was very well publicised and thousands of people visited the Exhibition Building to see the results of their labours.

Physical Description

Certificate printed in shades of brown and green. On left side of certificate is a woman standing holding a rake, in front of her is a woman sitting on the ground sewing while a small girl leans over her right shoulder. Printed and hand written text.

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