Mounted sepia photograph depicting strapper Tommy Woodcock, Gerald Telford, son of Harry Telford, as well as two unnamed men, sitting on the grass next to Phar Lap, on a property at Bacchus Marsh. It was taken just prior to Phar Lap's trip to North America in November, 1931.

Description of Content

Phar Lap with Gerald Telford, Tommy Woodcock and 2 others

Physical Description

A sepia-toned photograph of Phar Lap with a blanket on, grazing in a paddock with a white wooden fence in the background. Three hatted men with waistcoats, and a small boy with a cap, are seated at the feet of the horse. One man, Tommy Woodcock is holding the horse by its front leg. The grass is long. Handwriting in Indian ink identifies the photo.

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