In 1954 as part of the Sunshine 70th anniversary celebrations a farm smithy model building competition was held. The models were judged according to accuracy of dimensions, construction, detail and appearance. The first prize was awarded to Mr Vern Eason at the Sunshine's 70th Anniversary Exhibition. Mr Eason was subsequently commissioned by H. V. McKay Massey Harris to produce four more models, each one to be given to branch offices in New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland, with the remaining model to 'have a place of honour at Sunshine' (Sunshine Review, Sept 1954). This model is almost certainly one of these five models.

Six models were entered into the competition. V. Eason (Maintenance), P. Kruszynski (Painters), A. Reid (Fitters), A.W. Snaith (Transport Repair), J. Duggan (Builders), W.J. Pummeroy (Core). All of the entries were displayed as part of the 70th Anniversary Exhibition, 12-18th March 1954.

The H.V. McKay farm smithy was built at Drummartin, Victoria, by Hugh McKay and his brother John. It was in this smithy that the prototype of McKay's famous stripper harvester was assembled in 1884.

Physical Description

Model made of rough wooden planks on plastered, textured wooden base. Rectangular windowless building with triangular roof and door on right hand side and anvil, furnace and table inside.

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