The Museum's engine is an 8-cylinder, 4-litre unit, serial no. 12 which was taken to the United States by Richard Casey in 1922. After testing was finished, the engine was left with the Speco Division of the Kelsey-Hayes Company in Ohio where it was eventually placed on display in the company showroom. The Museum obtained the engine from Kelsey-Hayes in 1976 and it was flown back to Australia by the RAAF. It is currently on loan to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Physical Description

Specifications: Number of Cylinders: 8 Bore: 3.312 inches (84.12 mm) Stroke: 3.51 inches (89.15 mm) Capacity: 3.96 litres Power Output: 35 BHP @ 1250 r.p.m.; 60 BHP @ 3000 r.p.m.

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