Ration pamphlet giving ration scales, 9 November 1918. Covers scales for British and Dominion troops, Indians, Italian, Russian and Chinese labourers prisoners, forage for horses and dog rations. World War I.

The book that lays out how much food, fuel light and forage different groups and individuals who are serving in France have been allotted by the British government. It is part of a collection of objects relating to, or brought back from, Europe after World War I, belonging to Australian Sergeant John Lord (13th Field Ambulance, Australian Medical Corps).

Physical Description

This is a book that details the amount of food, fuel and light allotted to different people by the British government depending upon their role, rank, nationality and station. It also includes the rations for the horses and dogs. The book is entitled "Ration Pamphlet. Scales of rations, fuel and light as authorized for the British armies in France". There is also the "For official use only" statement, as well as the date, November 9th 1918. The table of contents is detailed, but is divided up into sections. The following is a list of the 13 section titles. 1. British and Dominion troops 2. Queen Mary's Army and Auxiliary Corps 3. British West India Regiment 4. Indian Personnel 5. Italian Labourers 6. Russian Labourers 7. Cape Coloured Personnel 8. Chinese Labourers 9. Prisoners of War Companies (German) 10. Issues on repayment 11. Forage 12. Dog ration 13. Fuel and Light


This pamphlet contains little historical significance; however it does show the inequality and blatant racial discrimination that was not only promoted by but also published by the British Armed Services. It also represents the Army's high level of organisation.

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