A green cloth-covered photograph album, decorated on front with Art Nouveau motif and the word 'Photographs'. Contains 32 black and white photographs, mostly aerial, of what was then Palestine and other landscapes during World War I. Each photograph is approximately 80 x 100mm. Captions are sometimes written on the photograph itself. Several are dated 1918. The album is part of a collection of material associated with the service of Australian Flying Corps 'Air Mechanic (Photographer)' and later RAAF trainer Flight Lieutenant Norman Henry Clutterbuck, the maternal uncle of the previous owner Ray Kerby, whose name is written in the front of the album. The same photographer appears to have taken images in the album ST 41220.

Photographs include Jordan Bridge (taken 5 January 1918); group of men firing a 5' or 6" large gun; landscape views from the air; an abandoned 'H.M.L.S. Pincher' tank near a village with palm trees and a group of people; planes on the tarmac (marked with the symbol of the RAF); closeup view of the tank, with palm trees in the background; ruins of a ?Greek city near the coast; view of encampment with tents; view of airfield; view of bomb exploding at railway station, called 'Bomb raid, El-Afule'; view of railway tracks; sections of road captured; Nablus, from 1000 ft., view of captured railways west of Nablus.

Description of Content

A continuation of ST 41220 - same topics plus an early tank in the Middle East 'H.M.L.S.Pincher' 5 or 6" gun being fired, etc. First World War.

Physical Description

A green cloth-covered photograph album, decorated on front with Art Nouveau style flourish and the words 'Photographs'. Contains black and white photographs.

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