A collection of black and white photographs contained in a small album with blue cardboard covers. The album contains 24 photographs, mostly aerial, taken in Egypt and Mesapotamia during World War I. The photographs include pyramids, road transport columns, and towns or cities including Jerusalem, Nazareth, Balbeck and Hebron. Each photograph is approximately 75 x 100mm. The album is part of a collection of material associated with the service of Australian Flying Corps 'Air Mechanic (Photographer)' and later RAAF trainer Flight Lieutenant Norman Henry Clutterbuck, the maternal uncle of the previous owner Ray Kerby. The same photographer appears to have taken images in the album ST 41221.

Description of Content

Photographs of pyramids, road transport columns, cities - Jerusalem - Nazareth - Balbeck- Hebron. Internal evidence suggests that the airman was a member of the Royal Air Force.

Physical Description

Small blue-covered album containing black and white photographs. Each photograph is neatly mounted in a 'window' in the page, and has a neatly-written caption below. From front, the aerial images are: Jerusalem; Jericho; Bethlehem; Hebron; Jaffa; then two photographs taken at ground level: 'Natives of Palestine' and 'Street Scene' showing men and boys, with some women and babies, sitting in streets on the ground; there are people carrying white boxes on their heads; then aerial views of the Jordan River, Jewish village, Latron; Jerusalem; Jaffa; Pyramids; then view of biplane and clouds entitled 'In the air'; view of two biplanes 'On a bomb raid'; view of several planes (RAF) on the ground ('Lined Up'); view of biplane flying over fields from above, ("Machine over cultivation'); two views of flying planes, taken from a plane: 'The Bomber' and 'The Fighter'; view of three biplanes taken from above, ('Flying over Dead Sea'); Gaza; Jordan Valley; view of plane landing on fire, called 'An Accident'; and view of men lying down, with officers behind, called 'Training for a gas attack'.

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