This wax model was based on a specimen grown by Robert Whatmough, Greensborough, 1875. The model was made in the museum by Thomas McMillan in 1875 for the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, 1876.

Synonyms: New York Pippin of Tasmania, Ortley, Woolman's Long, White Bellfleur, Detroit, Van Dyne. This apple is listed under the name of 'Cleopatra' in John C.Cole's catalogue, though The Horticultural Society Report of 1875 (page 13) states that 'Cleopatra' is supposed to be merely a colonial name for the apple. In the Agriculutral Department List of Revised Fruit Trees Jan 1894 it is stated that Cleopatra was introduced into Victoria from Tasmania, It is harvested from early Winter and used for dessert cooking.

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