What is probably the oldest apple tree in Victoria, an illustration of which is given is now in full bearing in the orchard of Mr. Bosch, near Greensborough. The tree was one of two purchased from Mr John Batman, and planted in 1838 by Mr. Flintoff. The particular variety not being known it was called Whatmough's Fancy, Mr.Whatmough being the occupier of the Orchard at that time. Some 20 years ago the tree was cut back and grafted with the Rhymer variety of apple. It is now laden with fruit, and is expected to yield from 25 to 30 bushels, not withstanding that one Large limb (which can be seen in the pic-ure) has been broken off by the weight of fruit. In 1851 the tree yielded 42 bushels. Mr. Bosh purposes cutting the tree back this year and grafting it with Rome Beauty, and hopes to considerably lengthen the life of the tree. On the right of the picture is Mr. Whatmough, a son of the first occupier of the orchard, and who was born in Flinders lane in a tent in 1842. The other two are Mr. Bosch and Mr. George Mitchell.

This story was transcribed from The Leader newspaper, 9th April, 1910, p. 25.

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