Large rotating model of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule, which is motor driven.

It has been constructed as a 'space-filling' model type using Courtauld hollow polystyrene atom model forms made by Griffin & George Ltd. Space-filling models demonstrate the bond angles and bond lengths, as well as the shape and relative size of the atoms within the structure. Developed from earlier wooden models, these have a link mechanism that allows the atoms to be positioned at certain angles to better represent complex molecules. The colours conform to the accepted international standard at the time. Its plastic construction is also more resistant to scratches and damage as a result of handling as a teaching tool, than the wooden models.

The scale of the atom models is 1 Angstrom equals 0.8 inch.

The model was purchased as a complete assembled model from the Wynyard Trading Co in1965.

Physical Description

Model constructed from coloured plastic geometric forms. Each form is marked with a chemical notation and number.

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