A group of Canadian Artillery. Nmes on the back of the photograph. World War I.

From a collection of material associated with the World War I service of Nurse Taffy Evans. Nurse J. (Taffy) Evans worked at several hospitals in England, France and Belgium during World War I. Her documents mention King George Hospital in London; Number 2 London General Hospital, Chelsea; Number 30 General Hospital, Calais, France; 52nd General Hospital; and 52nd Stationary Hospital, Havre, France (Ward C). Nurse Evans left London for service in France on 23 April 1917, and probably remained in Europe until the end of the war.

Description of Content

Postcard sized black and white photograph of a group of Canadian Artillery Soldiers. The names of the men are written on the back of the photograph along with their nicknames. The man 5th from the left has the nickname 'Blackie' other names include 'Flossie', 'Art', 'Will', and 'Hec'. Nurse Taffy Evans Collection. First World War.

Physical Description

Black and white photograph on paper.

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