Complete other ranks Victorian Scottish Regiment uniform including rifle. The rifle (with bayonet) is a Martini Enfield rifle .303 calibre, with regimental marking vsr 86. Martini Enfield bayonet pattern '95. Mk11 scabbard no 628.

According to the Australian War Memorial, the Victorian Scottish Regiment was formed in 1898 as a volunteer unit of the Victorian Military Forces. It originally comprised only Australians of Scottish origin. Uniforms were not provided, and Regimental members had to provide their own uniforms until the end of 1899, when 100 uniforms were made available for purchase. The first doublets were khaki; red doublets were introduced in 1901, in time for the review held to mark the opening of the Commonwealth parliament. In 1912 the Regiment was re-designated the 52nd Hobson's Bay Infantry. Four of the volunteer companies, A,B,C and D were located in South Melbourne. They continued to wear Scottish dress. The Regiment continued in different guises for several more decades.

Physical Description

Uniform comprises black glengarry with red, black and white tartan band and regimental badge, scarlet doublet with yellow facings and collar badges, kilt, sporran, hose tops, garter tabs, boots, gaiters, pattern '82 buff waist belt, bayonet frog, buff rifle sling.

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