No. 5 Spotswood Sewerage Pumping Station boiler located in the North Boiler House. This is a double furnace, internally-fired return multitubular boiler of dry-back scotch marine design rated at 300 horsewpower. It incorporates Fox's corrugated furnace flues, 15 Galloway tubes, two water packets and overhead steam receiver. Manufactured by Thompson & Co., Castlemaine Victoria in about 1896. This boiler has been partially conserved for static display. This is one of two surviving boilers of the ten originally installed at the MMBW Spotswood Sewerage Pumping Station in 1897-98. Between 1897 and 1947 these boilers supplied steam for the pumping engines at the station. This boiler was originally installed opposite the most southerly coal bunker in the North Boiler House. It was used as an air receiver between 1952 and 1982. It was relocated to the north east corner of the Boiler House in 1990 and prepared for static display by Lake Goldsmith Steam & General Engineering..

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