Working scale model of a non-condensing 8 horsepower (6 kW) single-cylinder horizontal steam engine, with rectangular cast-iron bedplate, eccentric-driven non-reversing D-slide valve and side steam chest, lever pattern starting (or throttle) valve, Watt-type centrifugal governor, and an inclined single-acting plunger type boiler feed water pump mounted on the rear of the bedplate and driven by an eccentric on the crankshaft.

This type of steam engine would typically have been operated in conjunction with a simple single-flue Cornish boiler, working at up to 40 psi (0.275 MPa) steam pressure, with the exhaust being vented directly to atmosphere through the vertical copper standpipe.

This model of a single-cylinder horizontal stationary engine originally formed part of a collection of over 50 working models of steam engines and agricultural equipment. The English engineering firm of Ransomes and Sims brought these models to Victoria to advertise their products. The horizontal steam engine was the most common style of engine used to power Victoria's early manufacturing works. They were also used on farms for driving threshing machines, chaff cutters, saw benches, water pumps, and corn milling machinery.

The model was previously incorporated into the large interactive Working Models Case at the old Swanston Street National Museum of Victoria and more recently has been adapted by the museum to operate with a push-button controlled electric motor drive for public demonstration purposes. Model Scale 1:3.

Physical Description

Steam engine model with large wheel, piston, chimney and governor. Sitting on base painted to look like bricks.

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