Octode electronic valve, made by Philips in Holland. It was used as a frequency changer. This vacuum tube was the first production multi-grid frequency changer manufactured by Philips in Holland.

Half a ton of these tubes were air freighted to Australia, arriving in Sydney of 5th April 1935. The tubes from this shipment carried a paper label reading:
"This Philips valve was part of a half-ton aerial shipment handled by Imperial Airways, K.L.M., Q.A.N.T.A.S and New England Airways and which established a world's record in aerial freighting for distance and speed. Arrived Sydney 5/4/35 - 13 days from Europe."

The valve has a 4.0 Volt indirectly heated cathode. Used by Philips in their own receivers in 1935. Replaced by the AK2 and EK2 by 1937. Not widely used by other radio manufacturers, the American 6A7 and 6A8 were preferred for this application in the '30s in Australia.

Physical Description

Mounted on a display block. 7 pin base with top cap. Bulb has been broken off with some jagged bits remaining.

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